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7.7 九九式 7.7 Japanese

The 7.7×58mm Arisaka cartridge was the standard military cartridge for the Imperial Japanese Army’s and the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service during World War II. The 7.7×58mm cartridge was designed as the successor of the 6.5×50mmSR cartridge for rifles and machine guns but was never able to fully replace it by the end of the war.

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7.7 Japanese

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Bullet Stats







2400 FPS

muzzle velocity

4 reviews for 7.7 Japanese

  1. World Of The Arms (verified owner)

    Great product and AMAZING packaging!! You just can’t find 7.7 Japanese ammo at all, and Casto’s definitely filled that gap! Not only that, but I am in love with the packaging! I guess I need to buy the other calibers for their artwork (and rare ammo). I can’t recommend Casto’s more! I hope they will release more rare cartridges!
    -Word Of The Arms

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    Beautiful box and even more beautiful ammo! Can’t wait to get out and shoot. Only so many companies out there still making 7.7 ammo but they can’t seem to find stock. Casto’s is sure doing the community a favor and bringing the product back to life!

  3. Dave

    Need 7.7 jap

  4. Ben (verified owner)

    Great box art and ammo shoots very good. Glad I found this site and will definitely be coming buying more.

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